The cost of the transplant normally depends on the number of donor's grafts and hair strands. In Europe and the US, it is normally decided on the number of hair grafts. In Japan, in most cases artificial hair transplant is decided by the number of hair strands and is so the case for our clinic. Some clinics charge by the size of the donor. However, the density of the donor changes a lot from person to person. Also, a 5~20% in the donor extraction process when the graft is divided. For this reason, we believe that the final count after the graft extraction is completed is the most accurate one.

Our clinic attempts to set its fee structure as reasonably as possible.

In USA the most famous clinics charge $4 to $5 for one graft (2-2.5 strands) with not many charging more. (Except for FUE). We believe Japan should try to aim to become the worlds standard in transplanting. Our clinic is often said to be too cheap in price but we feel it is well within the world standard. Actually, we feel that medical prices in Japan are unreasonably high. Several hundred thousand or millions of yen is never too low. Such thinking is quite dubious.

  • When the number of hair transplanting clinics are increasing in many countries,their fee is starting to decrease due to basic market competition. When we started our clinic, we set the price low to begin with. If we lowered our price due to competition now, this would be unfair to our patients who already have received the benefit of our service to date.
  • In cases where there are areas of considerable hair loss, the number of strands taken from the donor may exceed 10,000 hair strands, which makes it difficult for the patient to pay the fee. No matter what level of hair loss is involved we fixed the price so that it doesn't exceed 2 to 3 million yen.
  • Doctor Imagawa himself had a problem with hair thinning and has undergone 2 operations. For this reason, we understand two side of the position.Clinics would like to focus on increasing profits, and patients would prefer to have reasonable medical care to the contrary.We strive to set the price as fair as possible.

Actual operation costs for FUT

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