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Yokobi Clinic has been in operation since 1985 with our director Dr. Imagawa participating in all treatments. Dr. Imagawa has more than 25 years of proven experience being the first Japanese hair transplant doctor to be certified by the ABHRS (American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery).

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About hair transplant of Yokobi Clinic

Established in 1963, Yokobi Clinic has a long history and a lot of experience as a specialist clinic in hair transplanting.

Since 1985, Doctor Imagawa became involved in the treatment at our clinic and even at that time was particularly interested in hair transplant and FUT. Since then, our clinic has gained more than 20 years experience and results in this field. Advances in hair transplant and hair restoration have been surprisingly rapid. From punch grafting to mini micro hair replacement of the 1990's to the spread of FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) , Yokobi Clinic is a number one leader in the field of these modern transplant techniques.

Also, Dr. Imagawa has the authority to undertake hair transplant treatment in Japan, having written many books and medical theses. He was the first Japanese to be certified by the ABHRS (American Board of Hair Restoration Specialists) of which there are only 150 people recognised world wide. In this way, Yokobi Clinic has become a top level hair replacement and transplant specialist both in Japan and the rest of the world.

Cases of Yokobi Clinic Introduction case studies of patientswho had hair transplant procedures

Reports of past patient experiences and the case report of Doctor Imagawa who himself has undergone transplant surgery.

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